Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I hear,speak & communicate....I am trained to do so!

In today's world-a class on speech & communication skills is nothing unusual.All corporates send their staff on some communication skills program.Politicians from centuries hired speech writers & practiced communication skills.

Here I write this blog for training & teaching speech & communication skills to hearing & speech delay children.
With Cochlear Implantee-Master Yash who now speaks Hindi & started speaking English as well.He plans to go to English Medium School from coming year!
Hearing loss especially profound sensorineural deafness is a silent disability.People see a blind child & their heart goes out for them.A hearing disable child most of the times looks normal & does not get so much attention atleast in the initial years of his/her life.Since they cannot hear-they do not develop speech.

Fortunately this sensory organ has been successfully overcome by a new technology called Cochlear Implants.
The journey of a cochlear implantee from candidacy to surgery to speech & communication is detailed in the following link of my website.

Coming back to communication-post implantation the process of learning & benefits of the Auditory Verbal Therapy goes on for upto 4 years.

The key factors in habilitating a child with profound nerve deafness & speech delay are

1.Age of detection & early introduction of hearing aids followed with speech therapy.This can be done in a baby as old as 6 months.

2.If no benefit from hearing aids-councelling for cochlear implant.Maximum speech benefit of cochlear implantation is before 3 years of age in a pre-lingual child.However upto 6 years -implantation has good speech benefit.

3.Auditory Verbal Therapy & Parental involvement

4.Appropriate Councelling & expectations-This should be done after thorough work up including pediatrician,ophthalmologists,psychologists,Neurologists&Speech Therapists.

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