Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another day weny by!

I started writing this blog last year -a day after doctors day 2011.

Yesterday was again-Doctors Day 2012

My feelings about celebrating(or shall i say should not be celebrating) this day have not changed much since last year.
My theme for this year-Communicate(for doctors & patients).I think this is the only solution for the paranoia we have around us.Especially so as a surgeon,i face it more.

I will just give one example-this summer holidays a child came for adenotonsillectomy.This surgery is advised to her by not only me but a few ENT surgeons since a year.All risks & complications explained many many times by many doctors.We finally decided a date for surgery -however i had to cancel the the reason....
A day before admission mother came to my office & had a final query-"I am told by someone -tonsillectomy causes infertility".
I could cancel the surgery since tonsillectomy is not a life saving surgery.But what do you do when someone has cancer or any life threatening illness......there is so much information available on the internet ..& so much given by others... !.This is confusing patients...sometimes even doctors !

I am not against celebrations but when being in this profession for so many years did not see any celebrations on 1st july,i wonder what has changed suddenly to salute doctors now!
Doctors of previous generations should be saluted.There were no Hi tech MRI' PET Gamma knife ....& they strived to save lives.THERE WAS EXCELLENT PATIENT DOCTOR RELATIONSHIP.THERE WAS TRUST....THERE WAS NO INTERNET....

Well my inbox was full of messages & phone kept beeping (annoying) while i had a long day yesterday in the hospital(note it was a sunday).Everyone wished me...all respect to wishes & messages.

We live such robotic lives & probably have no time to Meet,Hug,Smile,Express.....that we need days to celebrate people around us.
I have no plans of joining any sena gang....though have the same feelings about Valentines your love to somebody everyday....there is so much excitement in receiving flowers out of the blue than on valentines day alone...

Go ahead enjoy everyday!!!!

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Pudukkottaian said...

Wonder Article Sheelu Madam. Sometime back you have treated me for throat sore. Good oration Skills.

Sankar V

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