Saturday, 20 May 2017

Geriatric ENT: ENT Care for the Elderly

The patient population of people more than 65 years old in the population are an integral part of ENT Outpatients.
Like pediatric,Geriatric patients also need a targeted approach to their diseases because they have special issues unique to their population.

The commonest problems I get refereed in the elderly is dizziness and hearing loss. I must mention here that chronic ear infections commonly called as CSOM is the third common diagnosis.
When I used to work in a tertiary care cardiac center, the common presentation was nose bleed due to blood thinners.
Apart from above common presentations,we are very careful in the elderly who present with any swellings or change invoice or breathing and swallowing problems to rule out Head and Neck masses.If the symptoms are of more than 4-6 weeks or any suspicion, a transnasal flexible laryngoscopy is immediately performed in outpatients.

I love interacting with the senior citizens.Its not all about me advicing them, I also get to learn lessons from their wisdom. 

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