Saturday, 22 August 2015

Language Deprivation Syndrome Lecture

Though this lecture is for an hour,for professionals working with hearing impaired- its an eye opener.I am speechless..I should say..

I have learnt Hindi as my mother tongue L1 and went ahead to learn Marathi,English,Telugu, I want to learn Indian Sign Language.When I say learn and speak,I learnt grammar and vocabulary of these languages.
I can understand and speak few words of Malayalam,Tamil,Gujarati,Punjabi and Bengali being with friends.In our field,we say incidental learning of another language.

Presently,in my opinion- it's almost impossible to convince hearing parents about signing!I hope they educate themselves about the advantage of bilingualism.The best change to learn language for these children born to normal hearing parents is to diagnose them at birth and amplify by 6 months,at least with a hearing aid. 

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