Saturday, 2 July 2011

Doctors day-what does it mean to a doctor?

Yesterday was doctors day-the day passed by so quickly ,i could not really think about it.people at work were wishing me as if it was my birthday. I have joined medicine in 1990 & am registered medical practictioner since 1996,I do not really remember this doctors day in those days .even i was abroad just 5 yrs ago & do not really remember so much of celebrations atleast in the UK.

I wonder whether this all hype is since healthcare is now a business-anything for marketing;i may be wrong-these are just my thoughts.After MBBS spent few years in ENT training in India & abroad.Then wanted to come back home as any young doctor to make a difference & then worked hard to stay back [many return due to lack of opportunities & money].i have been lucky & cannot complain.....thats why 5 years went by quickly.i say lucky since i can practice ethically & do not look at the surgical score board.

Now either this doctors day or just mid life crisis ,want to reflect upon the past & think about the future.My blog says ethical ENT practice -this does not mean others are not ethical .its just a thought that for the doctors day we should have a theme every year.I think the theme for 2011-12 should be ethical medical practice.

Lots is happening in medical field -patients are becoming paranoid-even doctors are so.this leads to over investigating.where is the clinical skill,patient contact,regular follow ups.why are we treating hospitals as one stop shop.

I have to sign off now -hope people think about my theme.any suggestions welcome.

happy day

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Sangeeta Bhabhra said...

Hi Sheelu,

This is what you were from the begining.Good to see you have not changed.Continue the good work, thanks!

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